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Neck Sculpting Ideals

Neck Sculpting Ideals

Patient S: How can I get a youthful looking neck? With minimal wrinkles and no excessive bulges?

Our neck undergoes aging the same way that our face undergoes aging. Changes in skin quality which consists of laxity, pigmentation and wrinkling contribute to an aged neck. UV rays from the sun only serve to compound the photodamage to our skin, leading to a neck that makes us look older. 

In Asians, we also tend to experience an increased deposition of fats just below the chin and jaw line, which rapidly obscures the ideal neck that we have, whereby there is no longer any demarcation between our jawline and neck. 

What is the ideal neck especially in sculpting?

Traits of The Ideal Neck

The young appearing neck always seek to display

  1. Good Skin Quality
  2. Well Defined Neck-Chin Angles
  3. Well Defined Jawlines
  4. Display of Neck SCM Muscles
  5. No Obvious Neck Lines

Steps To Revitalising Your Neck

(1) Time Freeze Laser
To increase elasticity and improve quality of skin. 
Generates lifting and tightening to improve angles as defined.
Eliminates fine wrinkles that only make our neck look old.

(2) Skin Boosters
Improve hydration and skin quality. 

(3) RVR Prolift
Rapidly fills and elminates deep neck lines by stimulating own collagen across deep skin folds.

(4) Svelte Touch
Modulates excess fat deposition to gain clear transition from face to neck. 

(5) Neck Skylift Threadlift Technique
Lifts the submentum and excess fats.
Tightens skin and gives a defined firm appearance. 

**The degree of improvement should first be determined by an assessment of the patientt as each of us have different skin quality / fat deposition patterns. Find out more from your doctor before proceeding with any treatment.

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