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Neck Sculpting Ideals

Neck Sculpting Ideals | Time Freeze Laser

Neck Sculpting Ideals

Patient S: How can I get a youthful looking neck? With minimal wrinkles and no excessive bulges?

Our neck undergoes aging the same way that our face undergoes aging. Changes in skin quality which consists of laxity, pigmentation and wrinkling contribute to an aged neck. UV rays from the sun only serve to compound the photodamage to our skin, leading to a neck that makes us look older. 

In Asians, we also tend to experience an increased deposition of fats just below the chin and jaw line, which can rapidly obscure the ideal neck that we have, whereby there is no longer any demarcation between our jawline and neck. 

What is the ideal neck especially in sculpting?

Get Rid of Neck Lines and Prevent Them

You’ve heard that someone’s neck can expose their age. You’ve probably also heard that if you don’t moisturize your neck after moisturizing your face, you’ll get wrinkles and sagging. You can develop deep horizontal creases regardless of how you apply your skincare products or your age.

Okay, necklines are perfectly normal. It’s also acceptable if you’re worried about having them. We turned to experts to learn what causes neck lines, how to treat them, and how to avoid them entirely.

Keep reading our step-by-step guide to getting rid of neck lines immediately.

Causes of Neck Lines

Neck lines are caused by the passing of time and the stresses of daily life. Horizontal lines on the neck are caused by the same facial aging factors that cause wrinkles elsewhere.

Wrinkles and folds in the skin become permanent over time due to a combination of factors, including a weakened dermal support structure and a tightening of the muscles just below the surface.

Lines and wrinkles will appear quicker the more we do things that cause the skin to fold.

Tech neck is a condition that has emerged due to people spending too much time looking down at their phones. We’re craning our necks and craning our heads more than ever. This is probably a factor in the rising neck creases among our younger patients.”

How to Avoid Neck Lines?

Dr Sin Yong recommends using Time Freeze Laser Lift and elevating tech devices to prevent them. “Especially facial moisturizers with active ingredients like retinol, sunscreens, peptides, growth factors, and alpha hydroxy acids.

The best trick is to apply any creams you use on your face in the morning and evening to your neck.

Other factors, such as sun exposure, smoking, and skin tone, influence how your neck ages, so having more neck lines than other people doesn’t necessarily mean you spend more time on your phone than they do.

According to medical experts, collagen and elastin are not performing at peak levels if the skin has been damaged. It means that the skin is less likely to resist wrinkling and less capable of recovering from folding. All those with fair skin age faster and by the effects of the environment than those with darker complexions.

To reduce the likelihood of neck lines, Dr Sin Yong recommends making healthy lifestyle choices such as staying hydrated, getting enough sleep, eating a healthy diet, and applying sunscreen daily. “All of these have a long-term impact on the quality of the tightened neck skin.

How to Remove Neck Lines?

There are steps that you can take for neck rejuvenation. According to our experts, this can include both at-home and therapies.

1.   Use Homemade anti-aging products.

The neck’s thin skin is vulnerable to environmental damage. Doctors recommend using products on your neck and face to treat existing lines at home.

They recommend using antioxidant-protective products in the morning, along with sunscreen. The mineral sunscreen contains antioxidants and brightening niacinamide, and it does not leave a white cast.

They suggest using a retinol-based face, neck, and chest cream at night to stimulate collagen and restore neck beauty, such as anti-aging products for the chest, neck, & face.

2.   Time freeze laser treatment.

Laser therapy is the time freeze laser treatment Dr Sin Yong recommends for neck lines. Dr Sin Yong believes strongly in preventative treatment and laser lifts. Lasers can be used to boost collagen growth, which in turn helps to strengthen the foundation of the skin.

The neck area is another common place for doctors to inject Botox. Lines and wrinkles may be avoided thanks to the injection’s ability to relax the muscles under the skin. Remember that this is only a temporary fix. After the Botox wears off, the neck muscles tighten, and the skin folds back in.

Finally, we think it’s important to use fillers with caution because Botox’s effects only last about three to five months. Direct injection of fillers into horizontal lines is a possible but potentially dangerous procedure. “Lumps may form on the neck because the skin is so sensitive and the neck moves so much.

Dr Sin Yong uses advanced fillers collagen stimulating agents to achieve the best result for volumising. He performs an in depth assessment and recommend a solution to remove neck lines and give you a turkey neck appearance.

Traits of The Ideal Neck

The young appearing neck always seek to display

  1. Good Skin Quality
  2. Well Defined Neck-Chin Angles
  3. Well Defined Jawlines
  4. Display of Neck SCM Muscles
  5. No Obvious Neck Lines
Time Freeze Laser For Turkey Neck
Time Freeze Laser For Double Chin Laxity
Time Freeze Laser For Jawline Tightening For Neck Improvement

Steps To Revitalising Your Neck

(1) Time Freeze Laser
To increase elasticity and improve quality of skin. 
Generates lifting and tightening to improve angles as defined.
Eliminates fine wrinkles that only make our neck look old.

(2) Skin Boosters
Improve hydration and skin quality. 

(3) RVR Prolift
Rapidly fills and elminates deep neck lines by stimulating own collagen across deep skin folds.

(4) 4K Body Lift
Modulates excess fat deposition to gain clear transition from face to neck. 

**The degree of improvement can undergo assessment of Dr Sin Yong of the patient as each of us have different skin quality / fat deposition patterns. For this reason, always find out more from your doctor before proceeding with any treatment.

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