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Definitive Dynamic Depth 3D Facial Reconstruction

About Dynamic Facial Reconstruction

Definitive Dynamic Depth (3D) Facial Reconstruction is pioneered by Dr Sin Yong. Dr Sin Yong is currently the only doctor in Singapore capable of delivering this technique for facial reconstuction where it generates a minimally invasive facelift for patients. 

This treatment aims to erase years of sagging on the face and at the same time treat loose and bulging areas. These unwanted pouches of fats and sagging regions need not be carried with us all the time and can be treated expediently with their targeted treatment. In particular, Definitive Dynamic Depth (3D) Facial Reconstruction  programme utilises radiofrequency operated at a surgical level to achieve results as early as the next day. Needless to say, we may think it comes with a large degree of downtime to correspond with the results. Yet, the downtime is minimal as we review what 3D Facial Reconstruction can achieve for various regions of the face.

What Kind of Results Do I Expect?

Treatment results are PERMANENT, and do not employ the use of any fillers. This is also a definitive one-time solution for sagging regions.

In this treatment programme, it is a minimally invasive surgical facial reconstruction that utilises surgical radiofrequency to bring about a life changing experience for our patients burdened by aging regions of the face. You might have done other treatments and felt that the improvement on sagging regions on your face ranges from 10% – 30%.

Definitive Dynamic Depth (3D) Facial Reconstruction defies all of this. With consistent patient satisfaction where they notice up to 80% improvement with just one single treatment session.

*These are patients who have tried lasers, energy-based devices, threadlifts, fillers etc. have only experienced limited improvement.

How The Lower Face Looks Post Reconstruction

Most patients would have tried various forms of treatment including CO2 lasers and HIFUs and found the improvement minimal. The improvement from Definitive Dynamic Depth (3D) Facial Reconstruction  is permanent and definitive.

How Is It Done?

Surgical radiofrequency is customised and tailored to specific regions of your concern to address and restore the youth that you seek. 

What Kind Of Downtime Do I Expect?

Depending on the degree of your concerns, patients typically experience minimal downtime where there is light scabbing for a few days. Side effects can also include bruising, swelling but typically resolve rapidly.

Just with any procedure, constant moisturisation with post treatment intensive recovery serum and sunblock is also just as important.

Dr Sin Yong's Recommendations

Assessment of whether you require the Definitive Dynamic Depth (3D) Facial Reconstruction is required before you embark on it. You must be comfortable with the facial assessment and decided to embark on a life changing experience before we can proceed on this. Beware of other treatments that promise improvement that can only happen after months.

**Always ask your treating doctor for before and after of patient that they have treated, to know the degree of improvement that you may obtain.




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