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Unlocking Beautiful Skin

Elastin and collagen, two proteins made in the dermis, are depleted with aging.

Elastin, as its name implies, contributes to the flexibility of the skin. In addition, to tighten skin, it also gives you skin that can “spring back” after being stretched.

Fibroblasts are cells that create collagen. Collagen is responsible for skin that is smooth and firm. Since collagen is made up of tightly packed fibers, it aids in keeping the skin’s structure and stiffness.

As we become older, we produce less elastin and collagen. Similarly, these two proteins are susceptible to deterioration from environmental influences like:

  • UV Radiation
  • Environmental hazards such as secondhand smoking
  • Elements related to one’s way of life, including bad eating habits and excessive alcohol consumption

Find out more on how we can address aging and also target specific skin conditions to obtain the best results!

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