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Chin Enhancement

Chin Fillers | Enhance your chin & Jawline | Reduce double chin

Why Is Our Chin Important

Lower face proportions contribute to overall facial balance. The region that highlights the lower face is the chin. When the chin is less than the ideal size, other facial areas tend to appear too large or too small. Inadequate chin projection makes the adjacent neck tissues look prematurely aged.

The shape of the chin is determined by the underlying bone and skeletal structure of the lower face. Above the bone are lower facial muscles and of course the soft tissue fat pads that frame the chin.

For this reason, the best way to assess a chin is via a straight up view and a lateral view, where we look at two things – projection of the chin as well as the shape of the chin from the view straight up. Most of the time, we would like a well projected chin with a nice tapering down to form a heart shape.

Chin Fillers Without Surgery

Firstly, we apply topical numbing cream to the skin before the non-surgical chin rejuvenation procedure. This ensures the patient feels no discomfort. Dr Sin Yong then injects small amounts chin filler are then placed in strategic areas to help boost the chin and balance your profile.

This treats an insufficient or fading chin without surgical intervention with just a dermal filler chin augmentation.

We strive for non-surgical enhancements, by using a combination of moderate hardness dermal fillers which allow for versatile sculpting with low risk of injury to nerves. Comparatively, this also allows swift touch-ups with minimal to no downtime. The procedure takes around 30 minutes. They last between 12 – 24 months, depending on individual.

Find out how the process is for chin fillers!

Do I Need Chin Enhancement?

Some of us might have a receded chin, a good way to know is to have a picture taken from the side. If you find your chin too far behind the line that connects the centre of your nose to your upper and lower lip, then you are a suitable candidate! If you are looking straight up the mirror and find the chin too squarish, yes, you can opt for a slight enhancement to achieve a V shaped lower face / heart shaped chin!

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Chin Fillers | Enhance your chin & Jawline | Reduce double chin

What About Double Chin?

The lower face is intricately linked with the neck and double chin region. Reduce excessive double chin for best results. 

At the same time, find out more on how The Time Freeze Laser Lift can reduce the double chin.

Addtionally, 3D Facial Reconstruction reduces severe double chin. Results are comparable with liposuction and does not have the extensive downtime of liposuction.

Chin Augmentation Without Surgery

A V-shaped chin and a well-defined facial structure are attractive facial features in both men and women.

Men with receding chins may believe it devalues their manliness and gives them a frailer overall appearance.

Women with their receding chins can make the lower face look more puffy. We treat this by undergoing a chin augmentation procedure.

To enhance a slimmer face, we select a non-surgical chin augmentation. Chin shape transformation with injectable dermal fillers is swift, where fillers target volume loss and alter the jawline and for desirable chin contour.

Using non-invasive techniques, specialists can give their patients a new chin shape that is both natural looking and aesthetically pleasing.

As we know, non-surgical chin augmentation involves using a topical numbing cream to prevent pain during the procedure. Dr Sin Yong then injects small amounts of your preferred injectable filler  into precise areas to build up the chin and balance your profile.

Dr Sin Yong Recommendations

During the preliminary consultation, Dr Sin Yong will evaluate your facial structure and take relevant measurements to determine the best approach to chin augmentation using injectable fillers. He’ll choose where to inject the fillers and demonstrate the resulting alteration in your profile.

Furthermore, he will assist you in deciding on the most suitable filler for your non-invasive chin enhancement.

At the outset of the procedure, the staff will apply numbing cream to the injection area to ensure the patient experiences minimal pain. The filler will be injected into carefully planned areas on your chin.

Due to the instant nature of the fillers, Dr Sin Yong achieves the “V-shaped face” desired result.

The relatively no downtime procedure makes it superior to chin implant which comes with downtime and a higher risk of nerve injury.



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