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Hair Restoration

Hair Loss Treatment methods in Singapore

The Hair Cycle

The hair is on the crown of all of us. Just like any picture that needs a frame, we also require hair to give ourselves that look of confidence and beauty.

The hair in our body is broadly divided into two categories of hair – terminal hair just like those on our scalp, and also vellus hair, just like those fine hair that we see on our arms or abdomen. The hair cycle consists of three different phases – anagen , catagen and telogen phase. All the hair on our body goes through these three different phases.

Hair loss can be attributed to many different causes including the stresses of life, changes in hormonal levels, autoimmune reactions, disease, mechanical stresses etc.

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Hair Loss - Is It Normal?

All of us lose hair everyday. But what is the normal range? The normal range is less than 100 strands of hair a day. This physiological hair loss can be attributed to the normal hair cell cycle and turnover. Anything loss beyond this range warrants treatment and requires further investigation.

Hair Loss Treatment methods in Singapore

Hair Loss Treatment Methods?

The treatment methods varies according to what is the cause of the hair loss. The most common cause of hair loss for males is that of androgenetic alopecia which is characterised by the receding hairline. Hormones overactivity causes the terminal hair on the scalp to start to thin out and transform into fine hairs. Treatment for this condition requires the use of hormonal therapy and also the use of adjuvants such as minoxidil.

To further improve the appearance, one can also consider hair transplantation. The most common cause of hair loss for females is that of female pattern hair loss which results in increased part width usually where the hair is separated to the left and right side of the face. Other causes for female hair loss are that of pregnancy, stresses, disease etc. An accurate diagnosis is imperative for the best treatment!

Hair Loss Treatment methods in Singapore

What Can I Do?

If you are suffering from hair loss issues, do make it a point to meet up with your doctor who is trained in treating hair conditions. All hair loss conditions are different and needs to be evaluated with a proper assessment before treatment. You would want to see how the hair looks under a fine microscope to see the relative strength and construction of the hair. A hair transplant brings about the most dramatic change but involves good compliance and after care. Speak to your doctor to ask if you are a good candidate for it!



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