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Thread Lift – The Bliss Lift

Thread lifts - The Bliss Lift | Ultra V Face Lift

Threadlift For Facelift

A thread lift is a cosmetic technique in which temporary stitches give the skin a faint but noticeable “lift.” The cosmetic surgeon suspends the patient’s sagging facial skin by sewing up small areas rather than removing them.

Until now, facelift surgery was the only option for fixing issues like sagging jowls on the face. After all, once saggy skin has developed, only a scalpel can effectively remove it; skin resurfacing treatments can assist in restoring some tightness, but they aren’t a substitute for surgical excision.

While many patients see improvement with a technique that delays facelift surgery as long as possible through injectable chemicals and skin resurfacing, this option is not viable for everyone.

The thread lift is a relatively new operation that tries to fill the gap between minimally non-surgical thread lift and full-on facelift surgery.

What is a Threadlift?

Thread lifts tighten facial skin. It’s a non-surgical facelift. The cosmetic surgeon employs a temporary suture, or “thread,” to raise sections of the skin during a thread lift.

A tiny needle or cannula is inserted into the skin by the surgeon. They can then utilize this to put threads beneath the skin to raise it.

Inserting and gently pulling threads and barbs lifts and tightens the skin, lifting and tightening the face.

Thread lifts can stimulate the body to direct vast volumes of collagen to the treated areas, raising the skin and making it appear tighter.

This can also affect the look of skin aging, as collagen can assist minimize or delay the skin-aging process.

What Is The Apex of Youth?

Thread lifts aim to restore our apex of youth. The apex of youth refers to this area that has the most volume and is the most prominent whenever we take a photo. The flash from the camera preferentially bounces off this apex as it catches the most light.

With aging, our underlying bone structure tends to hollow out, coupled with decreasing amounts of facial fats and weakening of muscles, it becomes inevitable that our facial profile starts to droop downwards due to gravity, causing our apex of youth to migrate to form a bulge.

This bulge is best noticed just on each side of the nose and it accounts for the deepening of our laugh lines and makes us look tired and aged.

How Can We Restore Our Apex of Youth?

The Bliss Lift is our answer.

The Bliss Lift is done in a precise manner where we utilise absorbable threads specially equipped with tiny hooks and cones that grasp on to layers of our fats, allowing us to exert tension to sculpt and reposition the Apex of Youth to where it belongs. This repositioning of facial fats restores the energetic appearance.

Dermal fillers can also be used on the same setting to eliminate areas of hollowing on the face.

Thread lifts - The Bliss Lift | Ultra V Face Lift

What portion of the face can be lifted via surgery?

Thread lifts can be used for the following conditions

  • Facial sagging develops prematurely.
  • Jowls
  • Eyebrows sagging
  • Neck skin sagging 

Advantages of The Bliss Lift:

  • Precise & Immediate Results
  • Safe
  • Minimal downtime compared to surgical facelift
  • Bridges symmetry between left and right side of face
  • Pulls our Apex of Youth back to where it belongs
  • Ultra V Face Lift After Results with a slimmer appearance
  • Does not make your face puffy like excessive fillers do

Benefits of Threadlift

Reasons why you should consider a thread lift rather than a facelift.
1. Minimized time spent resting and recuperating.

The recovery period after a thread lift is significantly shorter than a facelift. A thread lift is much less scary and dangerous than traditional facelift surgery.

A facelift is performed when the patient is under general anesthesia. They will then need transportation arrangements to return home from the hospital. After surgery, they may need help from a caregiver for around three days.

Compared to other types of lifts, healing from a thread lift is typically quicker. A surgeon can typically perform a thread lift while the patient is under the influence of a local anesthetic. This means the individual can go home without assistance after the surgery and drive alone.

Most people need one to two weeks off from work after undergoing a complete facelift to recover.

Although some discomfort, redness, and swelling are expected after a thread lift, in most cases, the patient can get back to work.

Also, the recovery time from a thread lift is short, and there is no need for heavy pain medication. This bodes well for their ability to resume their regular activities.

2.    Lack of scarring.

Thread lifts are safe and non-invasive procedures. Because of this, scarring is extremely unlikely to occur. Most people who are considering a surgical facelift are concerned about the possibility of scarring.

3.    There is a lower risk of side effects or problems.

Thread lifts have little risk of infection or other complications because they are minimally invasive.

General anesthesia is not required for the surgery. As a result, thread lift patients do not encounter the undesirable side effects of general anesthesia.

4.    Affordable

Thread lifts are less expensive than standard facelifts. They are more effective because they require less effort and do not need a topical anesthetic.

Thread lifts - The Bliss Lift | Ultra V Face Lift

Dr Sin Yong’s Recommendations

The test of skill and dexterity in a thread lift is most easily assessed by seeing how your doctor does lifting to the eyes. This highly delicate area with thin skin and possible asymmetry always serves up a challenge. The ideal will be to achieve symmetry and open the window of the soul such that it sparkles. Dr Sin Yong has corrected droopy eyelids and also poorly done double eyelid creations to help you achieve a natural and beautiful look.

It is always best to treat the entire face for thread lift rejuvenation and repositioning rather than a small region by region each time as the post care will necessitate antibiotics and some down time.

Dr Sin Yong also uses the Time Freeze Laser for added lifting on the same setting. Alternatively, if you are unable to take much downtime, you may find that RVR ProLift gives you the results you desire.



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