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Men’s Health – Vibranto Series

Men & Aging

As we age, the production of crucial hormones start to decrease. At 40 years of age, around 10% of men suffer from hormone deficiency and do not realise it. By 80 years of age, more than 50% of men suffer from hormone deficiency.

Most of us do not realise it. Rather, we attribute our increased weight, loss of masculinity and fatigability to aging. This should not be the case.

These hormones impact our physical self, psychological health and also sexual wellness and need to be addressed!

The Vibranto Series

The whole series is a lifelong commitment. The Vibranto Series utilises a range of modalities such as hormone replacement, sculpting devices and regenerative medicine to bring your back to your youthful days.

Effects kick in after 6 months of treatment. You may also find your improvement as early as 3 months into treatment.

In the Vibranto Series, we seek to monitor your progress every 3 months to keep you in the best condition for your daily activities.

Am I Suitable For The Vibranto Series?

Do you suffer from:

  1. Decrease In Sex Drive
  2. Lack Of Energy
  3. Decrease In Strength
  4. Loss Of Height
  5. Decreased Enjoyment Of Life
  6. Sadness / Grumpiness
  7. Weak Erections
  8. Recent Deterioration In Ability For Sports
  9. Falling Asleep After Dinner
  10. Recent Deterioration In Work Performance

What Can I Do ?

If you are suffering any of the above symptoms, speak to your doctor about it and seek treatment as soon as possible. The Vibranto Series is one possible treatment that can address the issues you face.




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