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Growth Factors Treatment

Growth Factors Treatment for Hair Loss | Stem Cell Regeneration

Targeting Hair Loss

Loss of hair typically occurs as we age. With excessive hair loss, it gives rise to demarcated islands of baldness that make us look older than we are.

Our hair follicles are known to be a source of stem cells. These stem cells have the ability to regenerate into a new hair follicle. Regenera Activa uses Stem Cell Hair Regeneration , a combination of technology and professional expertise, to harness the potential of stem cells and amplify them such that we achieve the desired increase in density to achieve hair restoration.

As long as there are viable hair follicles in the regions affected, Stem Cell Hair Regeneration becomes the ideal treatment before considering moving on to a Hair Transplant.

Why Stem Cell Hair Regeneration?

Stem Cell Regeneration

  • Targets Areas of Existing Hair
  • Delays Existing Hair From Miniaturising and Shedding
  • Shorter Procedure Duration
  • Can Treat Moderate Hair Loss
  • Uses Own Stem Cells To Increase Hair Density

Hair Transplant

  • Targets and Corrects Bald Areas
  • Transplanted Hair Characteristics Similar to Donor Site
  • Longer Procedure Duration
  • Can Treat More Severe Hair Loss
  • Uses Own Hair To Graft To Increase Hair Density

Am I Suitable For Stem Cell Hair Regeneration?

Regenera Activa Stem Cell Hair Regeneration is ideal for mild to moderate forms of hair loss. If you experience hair loss, and find that you can identify with one of the following patterns as seen, you are most likely a suitable candidate.

Growth Factors Treatment for Hair Loss | Stem Cell Regeneration

Dr Sin Yong Recommendations

Seek a formal hair assessment using a dermatoscopy to view and understand your pattern of hair loss before exacting the treatment. Different hair loss patterns have various underlying causes and each should be treated at its root cause.

Depending on your severity of hair loss, it may neccessitate the use of oral medicine or other modalities to achieve a combination therapy for optimal results.



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