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Subcision – Breaking Underlying Scar Fibres

The Rolling Scar Treatment

Rolling scars are very wide scars where the base of the scar are held down by bad collagen fibres. These scar fibres when freed, will allow the skin contour surface to rise. These kind of scar usually arise from acne that involves a larger zone. Commonly, it affects the cheeks more than other regions.

Subcision uses either a needle or blunt cannula to break these bad scar fibres that are responsible for tethering down the skin. It is common to have some swelling or bruising which acts to lift the base of the skin away from the treated areas such that it does not get pulled down by the bad scar fibres again.

What Happens During Treatment?

  1. Local Anaesthesia is given and infiltrated to areas of rolling scar.
  2. A needle or blunt cannula is introduced to break the scar fibres.
  3. Scars will be lifted due to swelling and also bruising.

Post Scar Revision Results

Rolling scars will be lifted and become less obvious. Ultimately, they are converted to be shallower scars or box-car scars. These box-car scars can be effectively treated by the Time Freeze laser. The Time Freeze laser is crucial to improve the final contours.

We recommend all patients with rolling scars to have at least one session of subcision. and thereafter the Time Freeze laser to further even out the skin surface contour.

The Time Freeze laser is crucial to then improve the final contours.

Dr Sin Yong Recommendations

Whenever we are dealing with rolling scars, it is always pertinent to do a thorough subcision at least once. This is usually accompanied by bruising and swelling.

This thorough process undermines all the bad scar fibres and allows the rolling scar to be freed such that it can elevate. Subsequent treatments will usually involve the time freeze laser for further improvement!




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