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Neck & Hand Revitalisation

Neck and Hand fillers | The Revitalisation Process

Aging Neck And Hands

Generally, horizontal neck lines can appear in patients from all age groups. Aging contributes to the thinning of the skin and decrease in fat pads near the neck. These lines across the neck show up as sagging of skin with aging.

Likewise, our hands age just like the rest of our body. They stand in prominent view whenever we interact with others and UV light damages the skin structure. As we age, the fat cushions on the back of the hands starts to decrease. For that reason, our skin thins out with resultant bony structures, tendons and veins protruding, giving rise to a bony look of the hands.

Find out how we can improve hand and neck appearance with hand fillers and neck fillers.

The Revitalisation Process

  1. Firstly, the revitalisation process involves the use of a collagen stimulating agent – we prefer to use Radiesse.
  2. Secondly, the collagen stimulating agent acts to revitalise the skin and restore volume by increasing the collagen density across the neck and the hands.
  3. Thirdly, these collagen stimulating agents can create a lifting and filling effect.
  4. Finally, restoration of volume and collagen density lasts from 12 months to 2 years, depending on individual’s collagen synthesis.

Do I Need Neck & Hand Revitalisation?

At this time, if your concerns are the horizontal neck lines running across your neck, you can select neck revitalisation with Radiesse and a combination of Time Freeze Laser. This will help you achieve a smooth neck with lines hardly noticeable.

Correspondingly, if you suffer from a “bony hand” look with prominent tendons, bone structures and veins, you are a good candidate for the hand revitalisation programme.

In short, if you are looking to revitalise these prominent regions to regain a more youthful appearance, you can consider Neck & Hand Revitalisation!

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What is Radiesse?

All in all, Radiesse® is an injectable dermal filler that temporarily adds volume to help smooth moderate to severe facial wrinkles and gives an immediate lifting and firming effect on the skin.

As shown above, Radiesse® directly provides volume and lift needed to diminish the signs of ageing because of the calcium-based microspheres and gel that comprise the product. Both the gel and the microspheres are completely broken down by the body over time. Radiesse® stimulates the skin’s natural collagen synthesis allowing the skin to regain its youthful tightness and elasticity – your natural beauty blooms again.

Apart from fillers, find out how The Time Freeze Laser can also greatly improve the integrity of your neck and hands!



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