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Women Wellness – G Lift

G Lift - Women Wellness | Viginal Dryness, Itches Treatment

Who Is Suitable?

If you suffer from menopausal or post partum symptoms such as any of the following:

  • Vaginal Dryness
  • Vaginal Itch
  • Painful Sex
  • Loose Vagina Canal
  • Urinary Incontinence

Restore wellness via the G Lift today!

G Lift - Women Wellness | Viginal Dryness, Itches Treatment

What Happens?

A Comfortable and Quick Procedure Using Laser Stimulation:

  • Gentle insertion of probe
  • Direct laser stimulation to vaginal tissues
  • Improved hydration, tone, sensitivity and trophism
  • Natural rejuvenation of vaginal tissues to restore function that has been lost to aging
  • Rejuvenation to vulvar area and lightening of pigmentations

Scientifically proven, recognized by International Scientific Community and supported by Clinical Publications.

G Lift - Women Wellness | Viginal Dryness, Itches Treatment

Am I Suitable For The G Lift?

A PAP smear should have been done recently before commencing the treatment to ensure that there are no other growths within the vagina canal that might interfere with treatment.

With a regular PAP smear, you can proceed with treatment!

G Lift - Women Wellness | Viginal Dryness, Itches Treatment

Post Operative Recovery - What to Expect

The three images represent the vaginal wall under the microscope (L to R) – Pre-treatment, post-session 1 and post-session 2.

Notice how the dark purple area (that represents lining of the vagina) thickens one month after the first session and strengthens even further after the second session? This increase in thickness brings a restoration back to a normal healthy vaginal epithelium, which gives improved hydration, tone and elasticity.

G Lift - Women Wellness | Viginal Dryness, Itches Treatment

Dr Sin Yong's Recommendations

Post procedure care is always of utmost importance. Usually for patients after 3 sessions of treatment, we will notice between 40-80% improvement as compared to before. For best results, you will be looking at strict adherence to the following.

Inner Vagina Care

Avoid sex for 7 days.
Inform your treating doctor if there is any abnormal discharge/ bleeding prior to treatment.

Outer Vagina Care

  1. To add on RAI Post Laser Intensive Recovery Serum before applying moisturiser.
  2. For faster recovery, adopt aggressive moisturisation until all scabs fall off.
  3. Allow scabs to fall off naturally and do not pick on scabs, as picking at them prematurely may result in scarring.
  4. Use of cold water to wash treated areas for the first 30 hours.


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