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Integrated Brazilian Butt Lift

What Is Integrated Brazilian Butt Lift?

Integrated Brazilian Butt Lift, by Dr Sin Yong, uses collagen stimulating agents and zone-specific lasers and radiofrequency to recontour parts of the body, to give definition to the area targeted. The effects of the Integrated Brazilian Butt Lift are two-fold – to give an immediate lifted result and also stimulate collagen that can give a further tightening for longstanding longevity.

What Regions Are Suitable?

  • Thigh – Lateral, Medial, Posterior and Anterior Regions
  • Buttocks

*Treatment is specific to the root cause of the issue which can be either excessive fat deposits, sagginess of skin or volume atrophy over the region specified.

After 1 Session - Immediate Improvement
After 1 Session - 3 Weeks Later
After 2 Session - 7 Weeks Later

As we age, changes occur in our body and over our buttocks. Areas known as hip dips are areas that lose fat and volume which results in hollowing across the buttocks. Naturally, these areas of losses also cause a loss of support to the buttocks, resulting in a sag of the butt cheeks.

Integrated Brazilian Butt Lift targets these areas of hip dips and hollowness, to achieve fuller buttocks. Cellulite in these areas also improve, giving smoothness to the buttock cheeks.

Similarly, in cases of skin laxity, The Time Freeze Laser Lift  uses laser energy to stimulate collagen and production of elastin. As a result, this helps to deliver an immediate improvement to global skin texture and quality.

Areas of excessive fat deposits on the thighs disrupts the shape of buttocks. 4K Body Lift utilises radiofrequeny to restructure the fat deposits area and achieve a further in depth tightening and slimming of these areas. Results are comparable with liposuction and does not have the extensive downtime of liposuction. The results are also translated for facial regions apart from the buttock regions. 

With individual patient assessment, Dr Sin Yong uses a selection of collagen stimulation agents to further improve and give a stronger lift.

Am I Suitable For Integrated Brazilian Butt Lift?

If you are concerned with how your buttocks look and am looking for a non surgical alternative. Integrated Brazilian Butt Lift is ideal for you. With Integrated Brazilian Butt Lift, we also firm up the buttocks and achieve a buttock lift on top of reshaping the contour just below the hip bone.

Dr Sin Yong's Recommendations

Integrated Brazilian Butt Lift is a great alternative to going under the knife and its results are comparable to a surgical operation.

The relative lesser downtime and superior results with no surgical scar gives it an edge over traditional surgeries. A close look at body treatments will also have us look at 4K Body Lift for overall body contouring to optimise body attractiveness.



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