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Forehead Filler

Tear trough fillers for dark circles | under eye hollowness treatment

Forehead Fillers for Forehead Contouring

Forehead fillers are dermal filler injections into precise parts of the forehead. These dermal fillers are injections of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring material in the body but in exceptionally high quantities in the skin.

Fillers in the forehead can help in erasing the signs of aging to contouring the area to create more balance in the face. Fillers are a less intrusive alternative to a facelift to enhance the appearance of the forehead.

Face fillers are most well-known for erasing the signs of aging on the forehead. Still, they can also be used to enhance the lips, the cheeks, and the nose. Above the eyebrows, the hollowness due to resorption from aging is a primary target.

Anti-aging is just one of the many uses for fillers; more recently, they provide an application in shaping the forehead. Forehead contouring can help in various indications:

  • The receding hairline makes the brow appear flat, broad, or too straight.
  • The brow has a natural protrusion, such as bony spikes or abnormally rounded.
  • A concave or sloping brow makes the whole face profile appear uneven.
  • Because of aging or weight loss, hollowing occurs at the temples.
  • Your forehead shape appears manly or feminine.

How do Forehead Fillers work?

In this injection therapy, a gel-like substance, usually hyaluronic acid, is injected into areas of the forehead that require more volume.

Fillers are to treat lines and wrinkles by plumping up the skin. If you’re utilizing fillers to shape your brow, Dr Sin Yong will indicate which areas of injection to obtain the desired shape.

The forehead fillers procedure takes 15 to 30 minutes and has minimum downtime fo slight swelling. 

Why Do We Get Sunken Forehead

A common problem amongst patients is a sunken hollow forehead. A hollow forehead gives off poor energy. Make up techniques usually still fail to give adequate concealment.

Our foreheads can become hollow with aging. In turn, our fat pads near the forehead tend to go down, coupled bone resorption, all these result in hollowing especially evident from differential casting of light. This area is also known as the forehead hollow or sunken forehead.

Non-Surgical Treatments, Such as Dermal Filler, for a Sunken Forehead

Many women strive to achieve the delicately feminine foreheads of their favorite K-pop stars. South Korean celebrities tend to have round, complete, and shining foreheads. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with a naturally rounded, full forehead.

Forehead depression is a genetic trait that gives certain persons protruding supraorbital ridges (the bony protrusion above the eyebrows). Our continual expressions of anger and sternness give us an unattractive, stereotypically male appearance.

Even while there are surgical methods for making your forehead fuller and rounder, many people choose non-surgical procedures instead due to the quicker recovery period and less chance of complications. However, non-surgical forehead augmentation via filler injections is becoming a reality.

Find Out What’s Causing Your Problems.

  • The combination of a sunken forehead and bushy eyebrows can give us a constantly imposing and manly air.
  • The injection of fillers is a noninvasive way to enhance the look of your forehead, and the result is smooth, long-lasting, and natural.
Forehead Filler | Radiesse Advanced Dermal Filler

What Forehead Filler Should I Use?

For this region, Dr Sin Yong prefers to use a high density advanced dermal filler such as Radiesse. The advanced dermal filler allows a smooth and natural appearance as it stimulates collagen to improve the thin skin in this region. Radiesse dermal filler achieves the best effect post treatment and gradually they get resorbed. Radiesse fillers last between 1-3 years, depending on individual.

The fillers process take about 20 minutes and numbing medication can be applied to make the process a smooth and comfortable one.

Treatment - Forehead Augmentation

Forehead augmentation is a cosmetic surgery to alter the forehead’s shape and volume. Both surgical and non-surgical methods are available for accomplishing this.

Facial cosmetic surgeon doctors state that forehead augmentation is like how a chin implant strengthens a weak chin: to create symmetry in the face’s upper third.

  • Surgery to lower the hairline and remove the skin from the forehead to shorten the appearance of an abnormally long forehead is the polar opposite of this procedure.
  • Facial “balance” can improve with a forehead injection procedure.
  • Gender, societal expectations, and individual desire play a role in the decision to undergo this surgical procedure.
  • There are both surgical and non-surgical methods available for augmentation.
  • Three-dimensional printing technology and microsphere fillers are two examples of more recent alternatives.

While there’s no such thing as a “perfect” forehead size, the region between the hairline and the middle of the eyes does play a significant, if sometimes neglected, part in creating a good, well-proportioned facial profile.

Tear trough fillers for dark circles | under eye hollowness treatment

Do I Need Forehead Fillers?

The hollowing of the forehead varies across 6 different grades of severity. As long as you can detect a hollow over your forehead, you are a suitable candidate.

Post treatment, you will achieve a smooth transition from the hairline to the eye region, giving off a fresher look.

In comparison to surgery, a forehead augmentation doesn’t require a hospital stay.

Regular activity can resume a few days following surgery, and full recovery takes a week to ten days. Bruising may occur during recovery. In most cases, stitches must be removed in the hospital.

Find out how the process looks like for forehead filler treatment!



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