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TCA Cross – Chemical Reconstruction Of Scar Surface

acne scar treatment tca cross tca pint

Acne Scar Treatment For Icepick, Rolling and Boxcar

Ice Pick Scars are very narrow and deep, usually causes by deep digging of active acne. These deep set scars are not easily targeted by fractionated ablative laser therapy, leaving us to find the best way to treat them.

TCA CROSS uses 100% tricholoracetic acid delivered in a very fine needle to the base of these deep set scars. The property of the acid as a liquid allows it to flow down to the lowest point of the scar, thereby shaping it. By placing the acid in very precise amounts, we are able to use the acid to remodel the skin surface. The acid then denatures the base of the scar which in turn results in skin thickening and elevation of the scar. It forms the perfect treatment for icepick scars and also for grossly enlarged pores.

An advanced technique that Dr Sin Yong uses is TCA Pint, which also treats boxcars and rolling scars at the same time.  See the process of TCA Pint in action!

icepick scar treatment tca cross tca pint

What Happens During Treatment?

  1. Very precise amounts of acid are placed at the base of the scars using a tiny needle.
  2. Immediately, whitening of the treated skin results as the acid denatures the part of the treated skin.
  3. Surrounding areas can have mild redness and swelling. All of these changes – whitening, reddening, swelling start to subside after approximately 1 hour.
  4. Thereafter, good sun protection is crucial to avoid possible darkening due to UV light.
  5. Subsequent treatment sessions are placed 1 month apart.
tca cross acne scar

Post Scar Revision Results

Ice pick scars would turn more shallow, resulting in contour defects being less obvious. Eventually these ice pick scars are converted to boxcar scars, which can be effectively treated by the Time Freeze laser

We recommend as series of up to 6 treatments which can alternate with the Time Freeze laser to further even out the skin surface contour.

The Time Freeze laser is crucial to then improve the final contours.

Dr Sin Yong Recommendations

Inevitably, almost all patients with acne scars would have been afflicted by ice pick scars. It is always ideal to treat these ice pick scars with TCA CROSS as this will target the deepest part of the scar and allow the resultant scar to turn shallow.

Most patients require between 3 – 6 sessions depending on the severity of the scar.

When the scars turn shallow, the time freeze laser will then be the next step towards resurfacing the scar further to allow it to achieve a more even contour with the normal surrounding skin!



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