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Anti Hair Loss Medications

What Are These Medications?

Anti hair loss medications commonly include minoxidil and finasteride and are used to treat hair loss.

Finasteride (e.g propecia, proscar) can be taken at 1mg daily where it arrests progression and improves hair loss in males >18 years of age with Norwood Grade II-V. Accordingly, side effects are mainly that of sexual dysfunction and loss of libido that can happen in up to 3% of males.

Minoxidil 2-5% foam or solution can be used to increase vasodilation to the scalp and stimulation of hair follicles into anagen phase. Consequently, side effects include that of contact dermatitis and also hypertrichosis. 

Anti Hair Loss Medications | Regenera Activa

How Do I Know My Severity?

Hair Loss Grading Systems for men and women are different. A quick illustration is as seen on the left. Comparatively, Norwood Grading Scale is commonly used for men hair loss and Ludwig Scale is used for female hair loss

Anti Hair Loss Medications | Regenera Activa

Am I Suitable For These Medications?

Ideally, it is best for medications to be continued after they have been started. Multiple breaks in the course of medication can cause extremely poor results. Most of the time, medications can take up to 1 year to work well.

Henceforth, Dr Sin Yong assesses your priorities and lifestyle before even starting on any of these medications such that your results can be optimised.

Anti Hair Loss Medications | Regenera Activa

Dr Sin Yong Recommendations

Apart from medications to treat hair loss, Dr Sin Yong also uses a range of other modalities to treat hair loss. 

Firstly, he uses H2LT , a laser treatment for the scalp to stimulate hair growth by reinforcing the structure of the scalp. 

Secondly, he uses Regenera Activa, where autologous growth factors are concentrated and delivered to areas affected by thinning hair. 

Thirdly, other specialised methods are also possible including the use of hair transplantation.



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