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Body Sculpting

Body sculpting involves us defining the ideal proportions and setting goals to achieve them.

Dr Sin Yong uses a combination of machines as well as collagen stimulating agents to achieve this.

Common areas of concern include that of double chin, sagging jowls and loose turkey neck tissues on the facial area. For facial areas, The Time Freeze Laser Lift is commonly employed to improve skin laxity and stimulate collagen production. Areas of excessive facial fats are treated with the use of 3D Facial Reconstruction

Other body regions of concern can encompass sagging buttocks, lower tummy pouch, uneven areas of cellulite on thighs. For body regions, apart from The Time Freeze Laser which tightens underarms and diminishes cellulite. Z Sculpt helps to transform fats to muscles over big muscle regions. 

Further areas of intervention also include female and male wellness areas where both non invasive and minimally invasive methods can be employed. Z Sculpt Pro has a non invasive mode which  stimulates pelvic muscles to improve both male and female wellness. 

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