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Scar Reconstruction: Treating Scars

Scar Reconstruction: Treating Skin Scars

Scar Formation

Scars occur via a variety of causes. The most common cause is acne, which plagues 80% of females and 90% of males during teenage puberty years. Other common causes are due to surgeries or accidents. Our skin scars as a mechanism towards healing and protecting the body. The scars that develop can be divided into a host of different types which we will delve into detail here.

Scar Reconstruction: Treating Skin Scars

What Scar Do I Have?

Real scars are essentially contour defects that are almost impossible to conceal by just make up alone. Pseudo scars are those contributed by redness or darkening, these can be concealed by makeup.

Different types of scars require a different treatment to bring about the best results in the shortest amount of time.

Rolling Scars – Wide Depressed Scars – Requires Subcision
Ice Pick Scars – Deep Narrow Scars – Requires TCA CROSS
Boxcar Scars – Shallow Scars – Requires Time Freeze
Keloid Scars – Overgrowth of Scars – Requires Steroid Injection

Post Scar Revision Results

These results that we achieve post revision are permanent and result in a definite change to restore self-esteem and to take back what the acne or any disease has taken away from us.

What Other Scars Can Be Treated?

  • C – section Scar
  • Post Surgery Scars
  • Burn Scars
  • Scars from Accidents


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