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Sagging Face Treatment Singapore

Resolve Your Face Sagging Issues With Dr Sin Yong

Dr Sin Yong is a MINT Threadlift Facelift Trainer and is versed in facelifting. With more patients seeking to lift the face without facing downtime, Dr Sin Yong has created three main treatments that can address face sagging issues which yields as much improvement as threadlifting in a single session. With the use of RVR Prolift, Time Freeze Laser, and 4K Body Lift, it is now possible to have a facelift with semi permanent results without the need to undergo threadlifting or even an extensive surgery.

Dr Sin Yong is an internationally acclaimed speaker with Ilooda where he grants specific results for facelift by targeting sagging regions and also for body contouring. 

Using the combination of laser lifting techniques and radiofrequency energy, he is able to give you a facelift with a result that surpasses Thermage or Ultherapy. 

Understand your facial sagging better today with a consult with Dr Sin Yong before proceeding with any treatment is imperative, such that you can obtain the best result. 

How Face Sagging Occurs

The aging process is a natural and inevitable part of life, and one of its visible manifestations is the sagging of nasolabial folds and the development of jowls. These facial changes can profoundly impact an individual’s appearance, often causing concern and prompting the exploration of cosmetic interventions.

Explore what causes drooping nasolabial folds and jowls and how they affect the appearance of your face.

Causes of Sagging Nasolabial Folds and Jowls:

  • Loss of Skin Elasticity

The skin’s flexibility and collagen levels naturally decline with aging. The nasolabial folds, which extend from the nose’s sides to the corners of the mouth, droop in part because of this loss of skin integrity. The skin’s lessened elasticity makes these folds more noticeable when you move or make an expression.

  • Facial Fat Volume Loss:

Another crucial factor is the loss of facial fat over time. Fat pads that provide structural support to the face diminish, leading to volume loss in specific areas. This volume depletion contributes to the descent of jowls and the sagging skin along the jawline, as the skin lacks the underlying support it once had.

  • Gravity and Muscle Atrophy:

Gravity plays a role in pulling facial tissues downward, especially in areas where the skin is thinner and less resistant. Additionally, muscle atrophy, a natural consequence of aging, contributes to the sagging of facial features. Muscles that once supported the skin weaken, allowing gravity to exert a more noticeable effect.

  • Hyaluronic Acid Filler Migration:

Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers that are used on the cheeks or nasolabial fold have a tendency to migrate. They also tend to have some residual content that when migrated, can cause the nasolabial folds or jowls to appear heavier than before.

Where Else Does Sagging Occur?

 Common areas for sagging include:

  • Neck: Loose neck skin results in turkey neck. Accumulation of fats results in double chin formation.
  • Tummy: Post pregnancy loose skin and accumulation of fats affects this region.
  • Buttocks: Cellulite deposits and loose skin contribute to sagging here.
  • Knees: Loose skin results in wrinkly skin here.

Post Skin Tightening Results

These results that we achieve post skin tightening brings the skin to a improved state and result in a definite change to restore self-esteem by reversing aging .

Other Types of Sagging

    1. Loose Fat Accumulation : These cause pouches especially in the nasolabial folds and jowls and can undergo tightening.
    2. Loss of Support In The Face: Loss of fat pads in the face results in loss of support for superficial fat pads, results in superficial fat pads falling down, giving a sagged appearance.

Dr Sin Yong can treat these through the use of 4K Body Lift and RVR ProLift respectively. 

Sagging Body Regions

    1. Buttock Sagging – Buttocks can also be treated to give a lift in the same way. 
    2. Tummy Sagging – Tummy can also be tightened to give a improved appearance.

Dr Sin Yong helps patients with sagging regions regain their confidence and also attain an improved skin quality

Choose The Time Freeze Laser For Holistic Lifting

Time Freeze Laser acts by targeting the skin and improving its integrity. This reverses fine wrinkles by stimulating elastin and collagen within the skin, allowing for an overall rejuvenation of the skin texture. At the same time, pores are also tightened and smaller as the skin rejuvenates.

Three Ways That Time Freeze Laser Lift The Face:

  1. Targets the nasolabial fold to lift this region.
  2. Shrinks the sagging regions of jowls as it lifts.
  3. Tightens the face globally to give a sharper jawline and V shaped face.

Anti Aging Effects From Time Freeze Laser:

    1. Tightens Skin and Lessens Fine Wrinkles.
    2. Reduces Pore Size
    3. Improved Skin Elasticity.

What Results Do You Expect?

We always recommend finding out about what other patients have done and what works for them. 

Feel free to ask for details on expected results before proceeding

Time Freeze Laser Lift
4K Body LIft
Time Freeze Laser Lift
RVR Proliift

Seen Other Clinics And Doctors?

Most of the patients that see Dr Sin Yong are just like you and have seen other clinics and doctors. A good number of them may have been advised on multiple treatment sessions of 4 – 6 sessions before the visible results can be seen. Time Freeze Laser seeks to deliver the visible lifting results you seek within a single setting.

This result has interindividual variation and is best to have a consultation with Dr Sin Yong before proceeding with any treatment. 

Dr Sin Yong & Medical Aesthetics

“Aesthetics is about treating patient primary concerns, and thereby restoring self esteem and improving quality of life.”

Recommended Aesthetic Treatments For Sagging Face

Dr Sin Yong is known as the Creator of Laser Facelifts & Bodylifts Without Injectables While Achieving Results Surpassing Likes of HIFU, Ultherapy & Thermage.  Find out more on how they can assist you to achieve your ideal. 

Time Freeze Laser Treatment 

Heard about Fotona 4D where patients need about 4-6 sessions to see a lifting result? Imagine you getting the final lifted result in just one session of Time Freeze Laser. Rather than wait for results of Ultherapy or Thermage, get the results instantaneously!

4K Body Lift 

Concerned about sagging nasolabial folds, sagging jowls or double chin? Dr Sin Yong uses a novel approach to help these areas tighten, with a long lasting result!

RVR Prolift

A threadless threadlift with better results and a higher degree of comfort. With a greater longevity than threadlifts as well!

R2 Glow Laser

A great maintainance laser for shrinking pores, permanent hair removal, improving skin tone and a glow effect for the skin!

Wonder about how each of the treatment results look like? Each of the treatment results can be viewed before proceeding with the treatment.

Consultation with Dr Sin Yong is on an appointment basis. Consultation fees are waived with any medical treatment performed on the same day. 

Quote “Confidence” To Enjoy A Gift Voucher of $100 off any ala carte medical treatment. For First Time Patients Only.

Getting in Touch With Dr Sin Yong