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Z Lift: Zone – Specific Localised Intensified Focal Transduction


Our facial fats sag as we age due to a combination of changes to our bone, muscles, skin and also the amount of facial fats that we have.

Eventually, this forms deepened nasolabial fold lines and gives us a tired and aged appearance.

How Does The Z LIFT Work?

Z LIFT uses ultrasound energy focused onto zones specific areas of the face. The energy is then transduced to create remodelling and restimulation of facial collagen to generate a lifting effect. Results are apparent within a few hours and continue to improve. A maintainence interval of 1-2 months is recommended.

Which Areas Can The Z LIFT Treat?

  1. Face
  2. Eye Bags
  3. Jowls
  4. Neck
  5. Double Chin
  6. Arms
  7. Abdomen
  8. Almost any area that requires tightening and lifting!

Dr Sin Yong Recommendations

Advanced Z LIFT is a treatment performed to bring about the best results in an individual. It targets the sagging of midface, as well as tightening of neck and jowls. Eye bags are also treated to get an improved result.

The patient you see on the left is treated with just one session of Advanced Z Lift. After photos were taken in 2 hours time.



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