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Refinement With Vertical Restoration (RVR) ProLift

What Is RVR ProLift?

RVR (Refinement With Vertical Restoration) ProLift stands out from all other methods of lifting and is a technique developed by Dr Sin Yong to correct multiple facial issues on the same setting.

RVR ProLift - Refinement With Vertical Restoration

What Are the Immediate Benefits?

  • Lifting of Upper Face
  • Lifting of Middle Face
  • Lifting of Lower Face
  • Lifting of Neck and Double Chin Region
  • Correction of Asymmetrical Brows or Eye Corners
  • Correction of Nasolabial Folds
  • Achieving a Tightening and Immediate Refreshed Look
  • Improved Skin Texture and Minimized Wrinkles

In addition, its longevity spans beyond 1 – 2 years as it stimulates your own collagen for an extended result longevity. Compared with other techniques and/or products that require repeated treatments for a longevity of only 6 months, it provides an increased value to all patients.

RVR ProLift - Refinement With Vertical Restoration

A Quick Comparison

RVR ProLift

  • Longevity of 1-2 years
  • Minimal/ zero downtime
  • Single treatment session
  • Natural results
  • Stimulates own collagen to give an increased longevity
  • Immediate significant results
  • Can give results that rival that of face thread lifting
RVR ProLift - Refinement With Vertical Restoration


  • Short longevity between 3 – 15 months.
  • Higher risk of bruising
  • Need for multiple treatments (say 2-3x)
  • Might result in overfilled faces which looks plumper over time
  • Usually does not stimulate collagen
  • Results vary according to modality used
  • Results are usually inferior to face thread lifting
RVR ProLift - Refinement With Vertical Restoration

What Does the Procedure Entail?

The procedure typically consists of a thorough facial analysis to evaluate the areas to be corrected before treatment proceeds. Lastly, the combined duration of consultation and procedure treatment usually takes 1 – 2 hours depending on complexity and number of areas to be addressed.

Downtime? Minimal. Mild swelling and small needle entry points are probably all that exists. Occasionally, mild bruising is present.

Compared with thread lifting, it offers substantial improvement with minimal downtime and is a strong comparable alternative for patients who are not considering thread lift.

RVR Prolift Can Target Mid and Lower Face & Accentuates Jawline

Advantages Of RVR ProLift

  • Long term results
  • Precise & Immediate Results
  • Safe
  • Minimal downtime
  • Bridges symmetry between left and right side of face
  • Pulls our Apex of Youth back to where it belongs
  • Slimmer appearance
  • Does not make your face puffy like excessive fillers do

Unlike conventional filler treatments or hyaluronic acid treatments that offer improvement at the expense of plumping up the face over time, RVR Pro Lift does NOT cause your face to look heavier and bulker with time as all the product are completely biodegradable and are fully resorbed by the body within a year. Thereafter, your own collagen is responsible for the continued lifting.

RVR ProLift - Refinement With Vertical Restoration

Dr Sin Yong Training Other Doctors in Aesthetic Treatments

Dr Sin Yong’s Recommendations

Dr Sin Yong trains other doctors in threadlifting as well as dermal fillers. He has spent years developing and refining the RVR Pro Lift and the technique presented gives new insight into face lifting. The gold standard for face lifting will always take into account the final end result, as well as how long the results persist in individuals. RVR ProLift is a next generation face lifting treatment that gives a slimmer face, improved symmetry and good longevity of results. 

Alternative treatments typically include Time Freeze Laser and 3D Facial Reconstruction, depending on Dr Sin Yong assessment of your facial structure. 



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