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Pigmentation treatment on Face | PiQ Laser | Dr Sing Yong

What Results In Pigmentation?

If we look under the microscope at the pigments or darkened spots that we see on our skin, we will find an aggregation of pigments known as melanin.

Melanin serves to protect our skin cells from the oxidative stress induced by the UV rays. All of us have pigment producing cells – melanocytes in our skin. These cells are stimulated to produce more melanin whenever we get exposed to UV rays from the sun.

Our melanocytes are hyper-stimulated whenever we have any injury or inflammation to the skin. This is also why we get darkened spots after an episode of acne.

Pigmentation treatment on Face | PiQ Laser | Dr Sing Yong

Common Pigmentation Conditions

Being able to have an exact diagnosis of the pigmentation issue allows us to tackle them effectively. Common conditions can be classified into where the pigments are deposited, either superficially in the skin or deeper down.

Superficial Pigmentation – Lentigo (sunspots), Freckles
Deep Pigmentation – Naevus of Ota, ABNOM Mixed Depth – Melasma

Pigmentation treatment on Face | PiQ Laser | Dr Sing Yong

How Is The Procedure Like?

  1. Numbing cream can be applied to maximise comfort.
  2. Laser pigmentation removal commences, it will feel like a rubber band hitting against the skin across the region treated.
  3. Post treatment ice packs applied for 10 minutes.
  4. Scabs will form for superficial pigmentation conditions.
  5. Antibiotic cream is to be applied till scabs fall off.
  6. Retreatment in around 1 month’s time.

Deep pigmentations usually do not form scabs post treatment. For melasma, we like to use a different laser for better and long-lasting results.

Pigmentation treatment on Face | PiQ Laser | Dr Sing Yong

What Else Can I Do?

Sun damage can take years before the damage that has been done starts to manifest on the skin. Adequate sun protection and sun avoidance is pertinent to prevent them. Some creams also act to allow pigmentations to lighten. We recommend the RAI Post Laser Intensive Recovery Serum which acts to lighten existing pigments and augment recovery post laser treatment.

If you have any pigmentation spots, it is best to consult your doctor to arrive at a diagnosis before selecting the appropriate treatment!



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