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Hair Hyperstimulation Laser Therapy – H2LT

Hair Hyperstimulation Laser Therapy H2LT Singapore

What is H2LT?

H2LT – Hair Hyperstimulation Laser Therapy, utilises laser energy to trigger hyperstimulation and rejuvenation of the scalp, allowing for thickening of hair diameter and increase of hair counts for various hair loss patterns.

This helps both female pattern hair loss and male androgenetic alopecia to increase hair density. 

Hair Hyperstimulation Laser Therapy H2LT Singapore

How Do I Know My Severity?

Hair Loss Grading Systems for men and women are different. A quick illustration is as on the left.

Anti Hair Loss Medications | Regenera Activa

What Are The Side Effects Of H2LT?

Minimal downtime of redness and warmth is present.  Post treatment, the use of RAI Post Laser Intensive Recovery Serum is a serves for optimised recovery.

Thereafter, you can see the gradual improvements as early as 3 weeks after the first session, significant increases in hair diameter and hair counts can be seen. As a patient, you will feel a noticeable difference as you run your fingers through your hair.

Typical treatment sessions are repeated once every 4 weeks.

If you are doing this in combination with Regenera Activa, it is possible to work through the areas deficient in hair with the hair laser H2LT treatment before Regenera Activa

Hair Hyperstimulation Laser Therapy H2LT Singapore

Dr Sin Yong Recommendations

The key to a good treatment for hair loss is to first ascertain the diagnosis. Only thereafter, can the ideal treatment be instituted to give the most improvement for the condition. Be sure that your doctor looks through a dermoscope to see how your hair follicles are doing before starting treatment!

Get assessed by a formal consultation before embarking on the journey to improve hair diameter, hair count and ultimately hair density.



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