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Slim Down Your Thighs

Slim Down Your Thighs with liposuction, exercises, & healthy diet

Slim Down Your Thighs

When you ask Google how to lose thigh fat, you’re looking for a way to reduce your fat intake and increase the muscle mass in your thighs. Lose thigh fat with liposuction, exercises, a healthy diet, and smart exercise kits.

However, “spot lowering” fat is not something that exists. It may not be best to target fat loss in a specific location, but you can certainly focus on toning and sculpting the muscle in the areas you wish to highlight to make the weight loss more noticeable.

Developing muscle makes you stronger and healthier, allowing you to work out harder and more efficiently. As long as you’re eating clean and not stuffing yourself with fried chicken instead of lean chicken breast, a high-protein diet to promote muscle growth will also lead to weight loss.

According to one study, people who followed a high-protein weight reduction diet saw much greater success than those who followed a low-protein diet.

With so many unhealthy diets and workouts claiming to give you a thigh gap overnight, we’re here to provide you with accurate answers that will work. Learn about the origins of 4K Body Lift (slim legs, sexy thighs) and how it can grant superior results to liposuction or surgery.

Causes of Thigh Fats

First and foremost, body fat is natural and healthy. Average-weight men have 18 to 25% body fat, while average-weight women have 25 to 31% body fat.

Although body fat is typically spread relatively, you may have more fat in specific areas than others. This is mainly attributable to genetics. Thigh fat is made up of a variety of fat cells, including:

  • Subcutaneous fat is directly beneath the skin and is most common in the thighs.
  • Intramuscular fat is fat that is throughout the muscle itself, similar to the marbling observed in meat.

Subcutaneous fat makes up the bulk of thigh fat and is associated with fewer serious health risks.

Origin: 4K Body Lift

Slim Thigh Treatment with Liposuction or 4K Body Lift

Liposuction achieves the desired result of slim thighs. What happens during a liposuction procedure?

Liposuction is a form of plastic surgery used to improve the body’s appearance by eliminating specific areas of fat. Your surgeon will make tiny incisions in your skin and implant a thin plastic tube during your procedure. Afterward, they’ll use this tube to release the fat, and a surgical vacuum removes it

Waist, hip, back, calf, and thigh fat are a few places where liposuction can be effective. The outer thighs (also known as “saddlebags”), the inner thighs (to get a “thigh gap”), and the posterior thighs (also known as a “banana roll”) are targets with 4K Body Lift.

Liposuction and 4K Body Lift is a popular method for reducing the size of thick thighs.

4K Body Lift is an alternative which grants you slim and sexy thighs and hips, so you may feel more comfortable in shorts and bodycon dresses. A thigh lift might help restore tautness to the thighs if you have a lot of excess skin, which can happen after significant weight loss.

Excess fat above the knees and lower legs can slim down with liposuction. Your body will no longer resemble a tree trunk but will instead have a desirable taper that ends at your ankles. Liposuction won’t work if your calves look big because your gastrocnemius muscle is naturally thick. Liposuction is effective on body contour, not muscle.

Recovery after Thigh Shaping.

Liposuction is often performed as day surgery. As a result, you can rest comfortably in the comfort of your own home the same day you leave the hospital. You will need to wear compression garments around the treated regions for up to three weeks. Doctors provide you with a comprehensive recovery program tailored to your needs. If you’ve had extensive work done on your legs, healing time will be longer. However, scarring is minimal to the tiniest of incisions.

This is in comparison to 4K Body Lift which has almost no downtime with no need for compression garments around the treated areas. Results can be superior to liposuction as Dr Sin Yong uses radiofrequency to accomplish similar skin tightening results.

Even when wearing tight clothing, your thighs will appear noticeably trimmer. Any lingering swelling goes down over a few weeks, allowing you to return to your routine and flaunt your toned legs.

Visit Dr Sin Yong for better appearance of your thighs. Depending on your aspirations, you may decide to have body contouring done on more than just your thighs.

Slim Down your Thighs with Exercise

These 8 exercises can assist you on slimmer thighs!

  1. Attend a cycling class indoors.
  2. Find a flight of stairs.
  3. Bring it to the sand.
  4. Perform ballet-inspired workouts.
  5. Pick up a sport.
  6. Boost your resistance workout.
  7. Perform bodyweight squats.
  8. Exercise your inner thighs.

More About 4K Body Lift

Another alternative to get rid of fat deposits is 4K Body Lift. 4K Body Lift specifically target stubborn fat deposits across the thigh gap area, allowing for re-sculpting of the thigh gap fats structures. This treatment is the go to solution with definitive results and targets specific zones such as the thigh and love handles region. Another specific area that it can target is that of tummy pouches, where it can grant long term results of tightening of tummy region just like a tummy tuck procedure.

Surgical radiofrequency used during the procedure stimulates collagen and elastin production. It also generates a long-term effect to restructure the fat regions which allows for achieving a thigh gap.

In addition, 4K Body Lift is also to target specific body regions which are recalcitrant to Coolsculpting.. There is some mild downtime with this treatment.

Your Next Step

You can get rid of fat deposits by choosing a minimally invasive options – 4K Body Lift, or surgical procedures such as liposuction. However, there are some health risks with surgery, so it is always good to start with a minimally invasive option first Or you may opt-in for non-invasive fat removal such as a healthy diet, exercising, or body sculpting.

Contact us today to discuss what options are available for you. For affirmation, it will be best for a in person consultation with Dr Sin Yong before proceeding. Send a selfie to Dr Sin Aesthetics Consult at +65 8023 7170 for a personal evaluation by Dr Sin Yong. 

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