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Chin Sculpting Ideals

Chin Sculpting Ideals | Augmentation Filler aesthetics

Chin Sculpting Ideals

Patient Z: What can I do to get a sharper and more defined chin? How do I know this is the best for me?

Sculpting the chin can be done with minimally invasive aesthetics employing the use of dermal fillers. The ideal chin must always take into consideration the overall facial shape and adjacent areas such as the nose, neck and lips before sculpting can commence. 

Proportions of projection, elongation, retraction must be evaluated by your doctor before proceeding. Dermal fillers allow for sculpting down to every detail and also carry with it the chance for reversibility should you choose to.

Let’s take a look at some photos of beautiful chins and we can see why they match and complement the facial shape of the respective person. A well projected and sculpted chin can achieve a V shaped youthful lower face!

What is your ideal chin?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Each of these beautiful faces have a chin that complements their facial shape. 

Whenever we look to improve the chin, we would always consider the lower face as an entity, to give better definition to the lower face. ​

Find out more from your treating doctor about whether the chin you envisioned matches your facial shape!

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