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July 2021

Botox VS Fillers

Patient B: What can I do to target these wrinkles on my face? Do I need botox vs fillers? What is the difference between them?  The answer to this question depends on wha

Post Laser Scab Care

Patient Y: How do I take care of scabs that form after laser treatments and surgery? Scabs typically form whenever the optimal power is selected for certain lasers and is common an

Luscious Lips

Patient L: I want my my lips to be full and luscious. What do you recommend? The lips are always the first topic that we talk about, literally. Aging affects our lips just like how

Fat Grafting or Fillers

Patient I: Dr Sin Yong, I want to look younger. My friends suggested that I go ahead for fat grafting to improve me facial volume. Is that the best option for me? Fat Gra

Neck Sculpting Ideals

Patient S: How can I get a youthful looking neck? With minimal wrinkles and no excessive bulges? Our neck undergoes aging the same way that our face undergoes aging. Changes in ski

Chin Sculpting Ideals

Patient Z: What can I do to get a sharper and more defined chin? How do I know this is the best for me? Sculpting the chin can be done with minimally invasive aesthetics employing

Hair Loss in Women

Patient A: I lose so many hairs everyday, how do I slow down the loss process? A woman’s hair allows her to create her beauty and sexuality. Yet, hair loss in women is common

Hair Loss in Men

Patient H: How can I stop my hair from thinning out? Any solution to these bald patches? ​Androgenetic alopecia is the  most common form of hair loss. Excessive androgenic h

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