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Ellanse, Radiesse & Fillers

Advanced Fillers VS Classic Hyaluronic Acid Fillers | Dr Sin Yong

Ellanse, Radiesse & Fillers

Patient W: I am looking at facial rejuvenation, anti aging, and getting rid of the hollows and dents in my face. I have heard of many different fillers and their so called benefits. What is the difference between the types and range?

Which is the best filler 

Let’s explore the benefits of Advanced Fillers VS Classic Hyaluronic Acid Fillers (HA Fillers). 

All fillers are able to restore volume and vary in their hardness depending on the range used. It is most important to select a filler appropriate for the region and depth that it is placed, to give the optimum results and minimum side effects.

Radiesse/ Ellanse

  • Strong Lifting Effect
  • Minimal Chance of Spread In Nose
  • Longevity of 2-3 years
  • Stimulates Own Collagen To Give Biorejuvenation
  • More Definition For Areas Treated
  • Versatile For Many Regions
  • Possible Vector Lifting
  • Only Used by Advanced Doctors Well Versed In It

HA Fillers

  • Lifting Effect Varies on Subtype
  • Spreads On Nose Bridge, Causing Poor Definition
  • ​Longevity of up to 1-1.5 years
  • Minimal Stimulation of Collagen
  • Definition Depends on Subtype
  • Region Specific Depending on Subtype
  • Possible Bolus Lifting
  • Can Be Used By All Trained Doctors

What Does This Mean For Patients?

As a patient, you would consider the following whenever you look at a particular treatment, especially needle based minimally invasive treatments.

  1. Level of Discomfort – Depends on the skill of your injecting physician
  2. Longevity of The Fillers – Ellanse and Radiesse wins hands down, and hence allows for a longer interval before you have to be reinjected, hence decreasing the e
  3. Pricing – Depends on which product, where you do it and who is doing it for you. A typical price for HA ranges from SGD 800 and up whereas that of a Advanced Filler may range from SGD 1200 and up. 
  4. End Result – This is the most important factor to consider. No point spending and enduring discomfort while obtaining poor results at the end. Waste of time and resources. 

Dr Sin Yong Recommendations

Dr Sin Yong trains other doctors in dermal fillers and is an advocate of advanced fillers such as Radiesse and Ellanse.
Based on region treated, he would recommend the use of advanced fillers like Ellanse / Radiesse if permissible, giving especially good results on the nose as compared to using HAs. HAs will have to be selected in other regions like lips / tear trough, where it would not be permissible to use advanced fillers

Dermal filler treatment is a minimally invasive procedure and cases of complication have been reported. It is hence important to select an adequately trained physician to perform the procedure for you. During treatment, there should only be minimal pain/ discomfort. Excessive pain and discomfort are warning signs which usually means poor technique or wrong placement of the product. A typical treatment takes between 5 – 15 minutes with Dr Sin Yong. 

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