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Svelte Touch – The Fat Recontouring Process

Svelte Touch - The Fat Recontouring Process

Development Of Unwanted Fats

As we age, out metabolism slows down. Even though most of us try to cut down on our intake of food and give dieting a go, the elusive fats still start to appear in areas previously unseen. Fats when aggregated together creates these lumps and bumps on our body. Fats are also subdivided into visceral fat (around the organs) and into non visceral fats (fats that give rise to unsightly humps)

We are going to delve in depth into how we can target the non visceral fats, to help you achieve a better contour.

Svelte Touch - The Fat Recontouring Process

How Does The Svelte Touch Work?

The Svelte Touch uses a combination of HIFEM, HIFU and also Fat Freezing to sculpt the body and bring down those fats that you do not like. Throughout the process, you will find some of the fats transformed to muscles. And the rest of the fats gradually diminishing in size till you reach your ideal.

Svelte Touch - The Fat Recontouring Process

Which Areas Can The Svelte Touch Treat?

  1. Jowls
  2. Double Chin
  3. Abdomen
  4. Thighs
  5. Knees
  6. Upper Arms
  7. Love Handles
  8. Flanks
  9. And all areas of non visceral fats!
Svelte Touch - The Fat Recontouring Process

Who Is Suitable For The Svelte Touch?

Everyone deserves the figure that they seek, especially if it improves one’s self esteem and allows you greater self confidence!

If you are already using Z Sculpt and have converted part of the fats to muscles, this is an additional step to bring you closer towards the goal of the coveted smooth, slim figure.

A combination treatment always brings about the best results for any individual as we reap the best benefits of each treatment modality!



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