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The Slim Facelift

The Slim Facelift Fillers & Treatments

The Slim Facelift

Patient E: What can I do to give me an overall slimmer face? I would also like the sagging areas to be lifted. Can it all be done in the same setting?

The answer to the question posed above is – The Slim Facelift! 

It is also a common to hear patients having fillers placed to augment the cheeks or along the nasolabial folds, yet most of the time, these fillers might be excessive and not helping to achieve a slimmer look.

If fillers alone were chosen to lift your face, the result will definitely look nice, BUT it also comes with a price – where your face will inadvertently look more puffed up. This might be good in cases where volume loss is significant. However, in most Asian women, good volume is present and just needs to be repositioned to the right areas.

Steps To The Slim Facelift

(1) Complete Facial Assessment
A good treatment would usually start off with the right diagnosis, in our case, it is about being able to see which areas when improved, can give you significant results. Your doctor should be able to point this out for you before discussing any treatment options.

(2)Goal Directed Hyalase
Excessive fillers placed prior should be dissolved partially or completely to give an optimal facial volume.

(3) Repositioning Facial Volume 
The Bliss Lift is a technique using specialised minimally invasive surgical threads to target and reposition sagging areas in the face. These areas commonly include the nasolabial folds, jowls and also double chin region. 

(4) Replacing Sunken Facial Contours
Advanced fillers like Radiesse / Ellanse should be selected to give volume replacement via collagen stimulation. Specialised techniques like RVR – Pro Lift and skin revitalisation should be incorporated on the same setting to give optimal results. 

(5) Modulating Excess Facial Fats
Minimally invasive methods like Svelte Touch can be used to allow reduction to excessive fat deposits in the face. For larger regions, a day liposuction can be carried out to sculpt the affected region. 

(6) Understanding Which Comes First
Decision on which comes first will be based on the experience of the doctor that you consult.  

45 Degree View Neck & Jawline Bliss Lift
Frontal View Neck & Jawline Bliss Lift
Ogee Touch Recontouring

** Dr Sin Yong is a MINT Facelift Trainer and also trains other doctors in the use of various types of dermal fillers on top of face threads. Find out more from your doctor what the overall plan is before proceeding. It is common for patients to have had too much fillers resulting in a overfilled face, usually across the cheeks and nasolabial folds. In these cases, Dr Sin Yong would use Goal Directed Hyalase to resculpt the areas involve as part of The Slim Facelift. 

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