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The Best Facelift

The Best Facelift Treatments | Types of Facelifting Techniques

The Best Facelift

Patient Y: Dr Sin Yong, I want the best facelift! What do you recommend? 

The key to the best facelift always depends on the one most important variable – YOU! 

Every one of us have differences across our facial volume, skin elasticity and bony structure. The best facelift will always have to take into account all of these factors and also the ideal that YOU have! 

Let us compare three main types of facelifting techniques and evaluate their Pros and Cons.

  • Minimal to zero downtime
  • Great for volume loss areas            
  • Stimulates collagen to improve lifting
  • ​Low cost
  • ​Minimal discomfort
  • Does not require sedation
  • Good degree of improvement      
  • Easy for touch up sessions
  • Downtime for about 2 weeks
  • Great for repositioning sagging fats
  • Uses threads to support sagging fats
  • Moderate cost
  • Some discomfort
  • Does not require sedation
  • Good degree of improvement      
  • Touch up sessions available
  • Downtime for 1 -2 months
  • Great to target sagging fats and skin
  • ​Uses stitches to support fats and skin
  • ​High cost
  • Some discomfort
  • Requires sedation/ GA
  • Degree of improvement dependent on procedurist
  • Touch up sessions mean a second surgery session
RVR Prolift Correcting Right Eyebrow and Right Eye Corner Droopiness
Modified Bliss Lift – Mulan Lift Opening Both Eyes With More Correction to Right Side

Let us take the most important part of the face for comparison – the eyes and region around the eyes.
Notice how the eyebrows, upper eyelid and the corners of the eye can be corrected with both RVR ProLift as well as The Bliss Lift

So Which is The Best Facelift for Me?

All treatment methods aim to achieve symmetry and at the same time, restore the touch of youth back to the subject.

The factors that you have to consider will definitely include the following
Cost – RVR ProLift < The Bliss Lift < MACS Facelift 
Downtime – RVR ProLift < The Bliss Lift < MACS Facelift 
Aging Progression –  It is important to consider this aspect before going for any procedure as it may affect how future treatments are planned. Personally, a MACS facelift is reserved for the last line of treatment in severe cases. I would opt for the use of RVR ProLift or The Bliss Lift prior to even considering a MACS facelift. 
Expert Opinion – your results are always dependent on the expert handling your procedure. Find out more on what results your practitioner has delivered consistently before making your final decision. 

What About HIFUs/ Ulthera / Thermage?

These treatments are not considered true facelifting methods but can be used prior to the following facelift treatments to aid in collagen stimulation. A gap of 2 weeks is advised if any of such treatments is used prior to minimally invasive facelifting.

Where Do I Start?

You should always start off with a proper facial assessment and consult with a practitioner that you trust. Always ask about what kind of results can be delivered from your practitioner. Your practitioner should be confident enough to showcase with pride the results that he/ she can achieve to improve the quality of life for patients. 

** Dr Sin Yong is the founder for RVR ProLift and The Bliss Lift which presents results that can rival that of open surgery. He is also accredited as a trainer for threadlifting and dermal fillers and shares his experience and knowledge with other junior doctors regularly. 

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