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Very Serious, Want Gorgeous

The Time Freeze Laser Lift | Very Serious, Want Gorgeous

Very Serious, Want Gorgeous

Patient: Dr Sin Yong, I am very serious about how I look, I want to look gorgeous. 

This will always depend on where we start from, how the basic facial structure is like and whether there are areas that are deficient. 

Is there a way to really keep aging at bay? And to look younger than before as we age?

A very common question that we will aim to address today. 

Case Study: 
Always ask your doctor about what Simply Gorgeous results he can achievedfor other patients. 

Lets take a look at what we can do for this 46 year old chinese patient.
Youthful forehead and temples
Lifting of eyes
Opening of double eyelids
Smoothening of mid face hollows
Definition of nose
Lessening of nasolabial fold
Improvement of global skin texture and quality
Anti Aging Protocol

3 Steps to Simply Gorgeous

Step 1: Identifying The Areas To Be Addressed
This will involve a proper facial analysis with your doctor.
What your doctor sees will determine how your end result will be. 

Step 2: Targeting Them With Relevant Treatments 
To reach Simply Gorgeous, various treatments employ the use of various machine benefits to address the various issues. 
Common issues such as skin laxity, volume defect, sagging of facial fats are undergoing treatment here.
Other issues will also be thinning of hair or receding hairline. 

To achieve the above, we start off by allowing the skin to rejuvenate from inside out.

Firstly, The Time Freeze Laser Lift is uses laser energy to stimulate collagen and production of elastin. As a result, this helps to deliver an immediate improvement to global skin texture and quality.

Secondly , areas of excessive fat deposits such as the nasolabial folds or jowls, 3D Facial Reconstruction utilises radiofrequeny to restructure the fat deposits area and achieve a further in depth tightening and slimming of these areas. Results are comparable with liposuction and does not have the extensive downtime of liposuction.

Thirdly, maintainance treatments are R2 Glow laser to constantly give the skin a glow and the use of Botox to prevent further wrinkles progression.

Step3: Follow Up And Fine Touch Up
Good results will be achieved immediately post treatment.
Simply Gorgeous results will be achieved after 3-6 months when your skin and face remodels.

In conclusion, it is imperative that a range of treatments can deliver the best to your skin with the best expertise.

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