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Wrinkles Prevention – Botox

Stages Of Wrinkle Formation

What happens when we age is that we go from:
Stage 1: No wrinkles when we express ourselves to
Stage 2: Wrinkles when we express ourselves and eventually going on to
Stage 3: Resting wrinkles which are always there even when we do not express ourselves.

And how does this occur? It occurs through a series of mimicry, repetitive movements that results in the muscles growing bigger and stronger which pushes the skin together to create deep resting lines and we do not want that because this can occur across our forehead, over the frown lines, around the sides of the eyes, the areas near the chin and even resulting in part of our jaw looking a lot more squarish.

Which Areas Can BTX Target?

Preventing Wrinkle Progression:

  • Frown lines which give off an angry vibe
  • Forehead lines that make us look aged
  • Crow’s feet near the eyes that make us look old
  • Marionette lines along the corners of the mouth that make us look sad
  • Cobblestoning near the chin that make us look grumpy

Contouring of Face and Body:

  • Lower face contouring where we can achieve a more V shaped look
  • Isolated neck bands whenever we tense our neck that are unsightly
  • Calves contouring

Medical Indications

  • Sweaty Palms / Axilla

How Long Do The Results Last?

The results last between 4- 8 months, depending on individual. Results that we seek are always a smooth natural look.

What About Stage III Wrinkles?

It can prevent Stage 3 wrinkles from deepening. Adjuvant treatments such as fillers or Time Freeze laser will be recommended to improve Stage 3 wrinkles.




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