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Botox VS Fillers

Botox VS Fillers treatments - What is difference

Botox VS Fillers

Patient B: What can I do to target these wrinkles on my face? Do I need botox vs fillers? What is the difference between them? 

The answer to this question depends on what kind of wrinkles is present. 

It is very common to utilise a combination of both modalities to target wrinkles on the face, neck and also across the body. 

Fillers fill an area and Botox weakens overactive muscles responsible for causing wrinkles!

Let’s take a look together at what we can get with each modality. 

Common Botox Treatment Regions

Essentially it can treat most wrinkles which are present WHEN you actively engage the muscle in an expression, such as smiling, frowning etc.

Forehead Lines
V Shape Jaw Slimming
Frown Lines

Common Filler Treatment Regions 



Dr Sin Yong Recommendations

A slimmer face which is lifted is always a priority. The use of dermal fillers should not make you abnormally plump or bloated but should give a natural appearance. seek a thorough facial consult before proceeding with any of such treatments. Find out more about the best treatment for you. RVR Prolift remains one of the best modalities to lift your features while having minimal downtime.

*Dr Sin Yong is a Mint Lift Trainer and Trainer for multiple Dermal fillers where he regularly employs the use of threads and fillers to give a slimmer, rejuvenated appearance.

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