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Subcision and Scarring

Subcision Treatment for Acne & rolling scars | Dr Sin Yong

Subcision and Scarring

Patient C: What can I do about all these acne scars? How do i remove them permanently?

Scarring that results from acne can disfigure and cause a lack of self esteem. 

The scars that we will look into are those that are of a contour defect, meaning to say no amount of make up can actually cover it up. These are different from darkening or redness that can happen after a pimple has popped!

These scars can be deep and narrow – the ice pick type, or they can also be wide yet shallow, involving a larger area – rolling type. As these scars are treated, gradually when they become more and more shallow and involve a smaller area, they can present like box car type scars. 

Let’s focus on rolling scars today!

Is there a way for us to treat rolling scars well?
The answer lies in using Subcision treatment!

Subcision, is essentially a technique used to break the deep scars fibres that hold the scar down, thereby allowing the scarred surface to rise up. 

This would involve using either a needle or blunt needle to accomplish the breaking of scar fibres. 

Immediately post treatment, we can notice how these wide depressed scars are lifted!

To maximise results, subcision works below the skin, an added resurfacing laser can treat the surface of the skin and complement the subcision procedure on the same day. The resurfacing laser of choice is the Time Freeze Laser. Each scar has an ideal treatment that targets it. 
Ice Pick Scars – TCA CROSS
Rolling Scars – Subcision
Boxcar Scars – Time Freeze Laser

It is hence most crucial to consul with your doctor to evaluate the scars to get the ideal treatment!

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