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Cellulite Redefined

Cellulite Redefined Treatment | Cellulite Thighs, Buttock, Abdomen

How Does Cellulite Affect Us?

Fats and cellulite are not the same! Fats when aggregated together creates these lumps and bumps on our body. Cellulite on the other hand, creates dimples and a characteristic orange peel appearance across our body. Cellulite is made of fat cells as well as fibrous tissues that pulls down on the skin, resulting in the unevenness that we observe. It becomes most apparent in women as women have higher fat composition relative to men. Common areas that we can notice cellulite are across the thighs, abdomen, buttocks and underarms.

The three main types of cellulite are:

  1. Oedematous Cellulite
    • Predominantly Water & Fat Composition
  2. Obese Cellulite
    • Predominantly Fat Composition
  3. Fibrotic Cellulite
    • Predominantly Fibrosis & Fat Composition

How Does Cellulite Redefined Work?

Redefine Cellulite uses pulsed shockwave to shrink the fat cells, disrupt the underlying fibrous tissue and expel excess water retention. Treatment of one area takes around 15 minutes and is comfortable and free from pain. A treatment course comprises of 8 – 12 sessions.

Cellulite Redefined Treatment | Cellulite Thighs, Buttock, Abdomen

Treatment Phases of Cellulite Redefined

  1. Application of Treatment Gel
  2. Cellulite Redefined treatment which lasts around 15 minutes per region.
  3. Obtain the svelte, cellulite free figure that you always wanted!
Cellulite Redefined Treatment | Cellulite Thighs, Buttock, Abdomen

Who Is Suitable For Cellulite Redefined?

If you are already using Emsculpt and have converted part of the fats to muscles, this is an additional step to bring you closer towards the goal of the coveted smooth, slim figure.

We recommend anyone who has dents and indentations to consider Cellulite Redefined treatment.

This treatment can also be used to smooth out indentations that have resulted from surgery and improve scars and stretch marks!

Additionally, Dr Sin Yong employs The Time Freeze Laser Lift  to lessen cellulite and improve skin. 



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