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Acne Scar Treatment Singapore

Resolve Your Scar Issues With Dr Sin Yong

Dr Sin Yong is a pioneer in the field of 4D Scar Reconstruction where the treatment aims to yield as much as 70% improvement in scar in a single session. Apart from targeting remnant scar marks from acne or injury, Dr Sin Yong also uses lasers with specialised protocols to rapidly bring down active acne.  

Dr Sin Yong is an internationally acclaimed speaker with Ilooda where he grants specific results for scars and also for body contouring. 

Using the combination of laser surgery, excellence in scar subcision techniques and radiofrequency energy, he is able to aid you in breaking scars down to get a long lasting result. 

Understand your scar better today with a consult with Dr Sin Yong before proceeding with any treatment is imperative, such that you can obtain the best result. 

Scar Reconstruction: Treating Skin Scars

Scar Formation

Scars occur via a variety of causes. The most common cause is acne, which plagues 80% of females and 90% of males during teenage puberty years. Other common causes are due to surgeries or accidents.

Our skin scars as a mechanism towards healing and protecting the body. The scars that develop can be divided into a host of different types which we will delve into detail here.

Scar Reconstruction: Treating Skin Scars

What Scar Do I Have?

Real scars are essentially contour defects that are almost impossible to conceal by just make up alone. Pseudo scars are those contributed by redness or darkening, these can be concealed by makeup.

Different types of scars require a different treatment to bring about the best results in the shortest amount of time.

Rolling Scars – Wide Depressed Scars – Requires Subcision
Ice Pick Scars – Deep Narrow Scars – Requires TCA CROSS
Boxcar Scars – Shallow Scars – Requires Time Freeze
Keloid Scars – Overgrowth of Scars – Requires Steroid Injection

Where Does Scarring Commonly Occur?

Scarring can happen anywhere on the body, but certain areas are more prone to scarring due to the nature of the tissue and the potential for repeated injury. Common areas for scarring include:

  • Face: Acne scars, surgical scars, and trauma-induced scars.
  • Chest: Often the location for cardiac surgery scars.
  • Abdomen: Common for post-C-section or general surgical scars.
  • Joints: Secondary to falls and injury.

Post Scar Revision Results

These results that we achieve post revision are permanent and result in a definite change to restore self-esteem and to take back what the acne or any disease has taken away from us.

Other Types of Scars

    1. Contracture Scars: These scars can limit movement due to tightening skin and underlying tissue. Common after burns.
    2. Cellulite Scars: Cellulite can be considered a type of scarring, and it causes dimples in the skin surface. It is common to notice these on buttocks or thighs after pregnancy or weight changes. They can be treated similar like scars.
    3. Stretch Marks: Striae, or stretch marks, form when the skin is stretched beyond its limits such as after pregnancy.

Dr Sin Yong can treat these scars through the use of laser surgery and radiofrequency. 

Pseudo Scars

    1. Pigmented Scars – Hyperpigmented scars tend to be made of pigmentation after an injury to the skin such as acne. UV radiation triggers skin pigment cells to produce more pigmentation, resulting in a darkened zone. 
    2. Residual Red Scars – Inflammation in the region affected causes redness to be concentrated, which leaves a a red patch in the region.

Dr Sin Yong helps active acne patients regain their confidence and also rapidly resolve these post acne marks

Choose The R2 Glow Laser For Pseudo Scars

R2 Glow Laser is the laser of choice that helps to target acne. It is also used for brightening and rejuvenation for anti aging concerns.

Three Ways That R2 Glow Laser Fight Acne:

  1. Removes fine hair and reduces sebum production and pores that are implicated in acne genesis.
  2. Targets the inflammation and pigmentation associated with acne and rapidly reduces excessive inflammation, allowing even nodules to be flattened with treatment.
  3. Kills off bacteria that are implicated in acne formation.

Anti Aging Effects From R2 Glow Laser:

    1. Tightens skin and lessens fine wrinkles.
    2. Reduces pore size
    3. Gentle lifting of face similar to HIFU.

Recommended Aesthetic Treatments For Scars

Time Freeze Laser Treatment 

Imagine a treatment that tightens your skin by 20-30% in a single session! This tightening is a no downtime treatment that enhances collagen and elastin production which remodels your skin, and makes all your scars less obvious as the skin is stretched.

4K Body Lift – Scar Protocol

4K Body Lift employs the use of radiofrequency energy and needles to break down the scars. This duo approach in breaking down scars mechanically and via radiofrequency energy can alter the components of a scar, allowing it to improve.

4D Scar Reconstruction

4D Scar Reconstruction is an combinative advanced radiofrequency subcision approach which breaks down the abnormal scar collagen fibers, and allows the depressed area to be lifted. 

Collagen Stimulating Agents

Collagen stimulating agents invigorate the skin to produce more collagen and elastin, improving volume to areas of depression, allowing these areas to lift up, evening the skin surface.

What Results Do You Expect?

We always recommend finding out about what other patients have done and what works for them. 

Feel free to ask for details on expected results before proceeding

Acne Scars
Stretch Marks Post Pregnancy
Melasma & Sagging Jowls, Droopy Eyelids
Melasma, Loose Neck Skin

Seen Other Clinics And Doctors?

Most of the patients that see Dr Sin Yong are just like you and have seen other clinics and doctors. A good number of them may have been advised on multiple treatment sessions like 10 – 20 sessions before any visible results can be seen. An ideal targeted scar treatment should not take so many sessions before results are visible. Dr Sin Yong strives for between 10 – 50% improvement that you can see in a single setting.

This result has interindividual variation and is best to have a consultation with Dr Sin Yong before proceeding with any treatment. 

Dr Sin Yong Personal Experience With Acne Scars

I suffered from acne during my teenage years and can relate to the frustration that patients with acne feel. Acne is not about pimples but it also affects wellness and confidence. I was treated by several dermatologists but in the end, it was an aesthetic doctor who helped me the most and restored my confidence.

This personal experience has also formed the foundation of why I chose to do aesthetics as at the core of it:

“Aesthetics is about treating patient primary concerns, and thereby restoring self esteem and improving quality of life.”

Dr Sin Yong Signature Laser Surgery & Facelifts

Dr Sin Yong is known as the Creator of Laser Facelifts & Bodylifts Without Injectables While Achieving Results Surpassing Likes of HIFU, Ultherapy & Thermage.  Find out more on how they can assist you to achieve your ideal. 

Time Freeze Laser Treatment 

Heard about Fotona 4D where patients need about 4-6 sessions to see a lifting result? Imagine you getting the final lifted result in just one session of Time Freeze Laser. Rather than wait for results of Ultherapy or Thermage, get the results instantaneously!

4K Body Lift 

Concerned about sagging nasolabial folds, sagging jowls or double chin? Dr Sin Yong uses a novel approach to help these areas tighten, with a long lasting result!

RVR Prolift

A threadless threadlift with better results and a higher degree of comfort. With a greater longevity than threadlifts as well!


A great laser that is customised with specific protocols for shrinking pores and also resurfacing scars or treating after pregnancy stretch marks!

Wonder about how each of the treatment results look like? Each of the treatment results can be viewed before proceeding with the treatment.

Consultation with Dr Sin Yong is on an appointment basis. Consultation fees are waived with any medical treatment performed on the same day. 

Quote “Wedding” To Enjoy A Gift Voucher of $100 off any ala carte medical treatment. For First Time Patients Only.

Getting in Touch With Dr Sin Yong