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Projection Of Nose

Nose Filler To Enhance The projection of Nose

The Triangle of Communication

The nose rests in the centre of the triangle of communication which is formed by the eyes and mouth. This is often the first region of the face that is noticed by others.

When we look at noses, the most obvious difference lies right on the deepest part of the bridge of the nose – the Nasion. This is commonly located just in between the two eyes. This depth, together with the bridge of the nose define how sharp we look. The second part that we must look at is the tip of the nose, which can be shaped for a more projected look.

Race and ethnicity contribute to the underlying bone and cartilage structure of the nose where the overlying soft tissue is built upon. Caucasians have a very tall and sharp nose as opposed to South Africans who have a flat and broad nose. Asians form the group which is caught in the middle.

Nose Filler To Enhance The projection of Nose

Nose Filler To Enhance The Nose

We term it as a Rhinoplasty. We strive for non-surgical rhinoplasties, achieved by using a combination of fillers or nose threads to generate a lift to the nasion such that the nose becomes more defined.

Threads aim to lift the entire nose from the nasion to the bridge of the nose whereas fillers can target point specific areas, such that even if you have localised dents or humps on the nose, fillers can make all these areas smooth.

The filler we like to use is Radiesse because it gives a good definition and goes away cleanly. Should you have a nose without any humps, you would also be a good candidate for nose threads.

Notice how the nose filler is able to lift the nose and give a straight and increased nose height with better projection.

Nose Filler To Enhance The projection of Nose

Getting A Nose Job?

A lot of Asians suffer from a flat nose bridge. If you have a flat nose bridge and find that it makes you look less energetic, you are a suitable candidate! The procedure takes around 30 minutes. Local anaesthetic will be given to maximise comfort. Results can last between 9 – 18 months, depending on individual.

We will achieve a sharp and projected nose. The end result should still be natural looking, just a sharper you!

Find out how the process of nose filler/ nose job is done!



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